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Tackling Knife crime in London

Come and join us to listen to champion mum story maybe you can learn from her and not doing the same mistake . Because sometimes parents we think doing everything but some time we miss little things and that little things can save your son life .

since the lockdown , I put myself to get the food from the church and share with the family with younger children's . I really enjoy it to put smile in peoples faces as we know kids was in the house all the time and eat most of the times.

all champion knife crime family awareness conference the 2nd November 2019

Food service during the lockdown for family with young children's .

Family pamper day event on the 23th august19

All champion charity beleive love is the key and when you love peoples you look after them.

Champion's charity launche event on the 6 july2019 was a big blessing to see more then 150 peoples for the first event . more conference,meeting, event for the coming months.

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Knife march

Westminster was taken over yesterday by large groups of bereaved parents from across England, including mothers from Romford who form part of ‘Operation Shutdown’.

Champion's mum on BBC sharing her experiences of losing her son

Victoria talks to a group of bereaved mothers whose sons were all fatally stabbed. They speak about their loss and their grief, and what they want to be done to tackle knife crime.

Three mums united by grief make an emotional plea to end knife crime epidemic

Three mums united by grief have called for a zero tolerance approach to knives that could have saved their sons' lives

Her Son Was Murdered. This Is Her Message

Champion was 17 when he died following the brutal attack in 2013. “Sometimes I think, ‘maybe he’s gone on holiday and will come back’. But the years keep passing” Kato told HuffPost UK

Mother of knife victim Champion Ganda hits out at the senseless loss of young black lives to stabbings

Her agony and anger over the loss of young lives is palpable, as the mother of teenage knife victim Champion Ganda speaks

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