All Champions Charity

Tackling knife crime in London

All Champions Charity

Tackling knife crime in London

Aims and Objectives

We aim to prevent and protect people of all ages from knife crime and other serious youth violence by working towards:

(a) the rehabilitation of persons engaged in knife crime and other serious youth violence or at risk of becoming engaged; 

(b) the support of victims of knife crime or other serious youth violence and their families.

We want to act as a resource for young people particularly those who are at risk of becoming involved in violent crime or substance abuse by providing advice, education, mentoring, and assistance and organizing educational programs and other activities as a means of advancing in life and helping young people by developing their skills, capacities, and capabilities to enable them to grow into society as independent mature and responsible adults.

Who will we help?

The All Champion's Charity service is open to people of all ages. A client does not need to be from a particular background to receive help from the charity. The only criteria will be to register for the service and follow the instructions to receive help.

What kind of activities will ACC offer?

The charity is run by volunteers and is open during office hours. The charity offers different kinds of services and information to its clients:


The charity will host conferences, workshops, where young people and adults will be able to learn about substance abuse and its relation to health and youth development. It will deliver a public lecture in local churches, schools, and colleges to interact with young people to explain the impact of following a certain lifestyle has on a young person's health and mental ability.

The charity provides patient referral, also it will provide mental, emotional, and physical support to improve their health and it will provide information and signpost client to professional services. 


The All Champion's Charity will run educational activities by delivering a presentation and public talk to school and college; it will facilitate mentoring activities of young people, run workshops, seminars, and conferences.

We aim to provide advice to young people not in education, not employment, or in training by guiding them to get back to education for them to get proper training which will help them to acquire jobs and improve their quality of life. The charity will also facilitate a training program for young people and adults who have difficulty coming out from criminal life by running different special training sessions to their chance to acquire jobs, this will include IT training, functioning skills, and as well financial management.

Future Projects/Plans

Family bereavement support

The organization will offer emotional support and counseling to people and families who have lost their loved one(s). We will arrange a visit to the family and also the friends who have suffered this unfortunate loss and provide the means to go through this challenging and emotional time.


Education on drugs and knife crime 

The All Champion's Charity will educate young people about the danger and risk of carrying a knife and their involvement in a gang. It will provide therapy/group classes to young people at risk of impairing their mental health as a result of drugs and substance misuse.

We also aim to provide educational activities to equip young people with skills and knowledge to excel despite poverty and the disadvantages which unfortunately lead most young people to live a criminal life:

- Running classes or referring people to the relevant institutions to acquire the skills needed

- Conduct an educational awareness campaign to address the issues related to knife crime


Health project

This program will help to promote good health by providing awareness about the following:

- Substance misuse

- Different types of addictions among young people





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