All champion's Charity

Tackling Knife crime in London

Why champion charity?

A story of Champion

Champion Ganda was robbed of his future at the age of 17 years of age, many of us at that age we are still finding ourselves, and looking forward to our future. Champion was interested in music, football and when he was playing football for arsenal junior he was 8 years, he loved his family, he had a very bright future ahead of him. This bright young man his life was robbed from him in May 2013. Champion was stabbed 11 times in forest gate. Peguy his mother suffered a tragic loss, from there Peggy made it her mission to open a charity dedicated to her son champion, and wanted to help and support families who went through what she went through and also prevent other families from going through this. All champions charity is for All families and young people who would want to end up like her son or end up being the person to take another life. All champions charity wants to help and support families in a way nobody else can give them that support because it’s a first-hand help from someone who is still dealing with losing a lost one. Knife crime is increasing highly and Peggy wants to do all she can to help save many young men, from prisons, on the streets from finding a future and live a longer future.


About us

Founded in March 2019, all Champion's charity is the UK registered charity who have been set up to tackle the issue of Knife crime, drugs and substance misuse. The charity aims to contribute to reducing the level of knife crime in London by preventing crime and providing information and service to help young people at risk or victim of knife crime. The charity has an accent on supporting bereaved families to help them to overcome the challenging situation of losing a loved one as a result of knife crime.

Champion was interested in music, he played football for arsenal junior when was 8 years, he loved his family, he had a very bright future ahead of him

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