All Champions Charity

Tackling knife crime in London

All Champions Charity

Tackling knife crime in London

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Champion Ganda

Champion's Story...

Champion Ganda who was born on 19/09/1995 , was a 17 year old who loved his family and had interests of music and football. He had an aspiring future ahead of him with his football career taking off at the age of 8. Unfortunately in May 2013 his life was cut short.

He was involved in a traumatic incident which involved him being stabbed 11 times in the London Borough of Forest Gate. This was absolutely devastating to his family and loved ones . Peguy (his mother) has now made it her mission to help and support families who have been in similar experiences in honour of her son. Her experience is a strong asset and driving force to support families and individuals who are directly impacted by knife crime, and also to bring awareness of these issues in order to assist with preventing gang and youth crime in our communities and to help build the futures of young individuals.

The Birth of The All Champions Charity...

Founded in March 2019, All Champion's charity is a UK registered charity that has been set up to tackle the impact that can be caused by Knife crime, drugs and substance misuse. The charity aims to contribute to reducing the level of knife crime in London by aiming to prevent crime and providing information and services to help young people at risk or who are victims of knife crime. The charity has an accent on supporting bereaved families to help them to overcome the challenging situation of losing a loved one as a result of knife crime.

Registered Charity 1182847


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